2014 by numbers

by numbers


by numbers solo exhibition

Space Cottonseed, Singapore

May 9 - June 22, 2014

The series of ‘by numbers’ is a painting based on a set of statistic rules that Hyungmin Moon formulated. It starts with scanning 12 issues of entire year magazine like Art in America, New Yorker, Vogue or Playboy, and images are analyzed to compute ten words and ten colors which appear maximum number of times. The word with the highest frequency is assigned to the color with the highest frequency, and then the colors are apportioned on a canvas of which the surface is divided into 10,000 squares. Though the painting gives the appearance of vibrant minimalist painting or pixelated digital image, it is of factual data research created by means of physical act of painting. It is this disjunction between the process of making it and the end product that makes audience keep questioning what one sees and the true nature of situation.


47 Malan Road #01-24
Gillman Barracks
Singapore 109444



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