love me two times:

The title ’Love me two times‘ is a song by The Doors, meaning a confession that a navy or a sailor makes on his last day with his girlfriend before shipping out to Vietnam. Of two symbolic characters representing the America, Mickey Mouse and the General MacArthur question what happens when the real truth of those planted double entendre is revealed.

The Mickey Mouse, often times as of America itself, is a character of bright and cute image which is the first to be called upon when it comes to implanting the order of America in neighboring countries. Made of an amalgamation of beeswax and sugar, the statue of Mickey Mouse melts and collapses when it is lit up giving out a sweet scent. This makes the viewer reconsider the notion of power which is transient in the long-term historical perspective. And it also questions fundamental system of enjoying art between the viewer and the artist. In other words, it is to enlighten the public to see the intention of the artist hidden under the soon to be collapsed materiality of the work.

Along the same line of thoughts, the statue of the General MacArthur is made by freezing icing sugar. As the ants gather around and eat the statue up, it will eventually fall down. This is about the existing statue of the General MacArthur in Wolmido which is almost a religious figure of the extreme right power of South Korea. Though it is not possible to tell he was a destroyer of civilization or a savior of good will, the artist tries to demonstrate that the belief system of public is strange.

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