the virtue of behavior


the virtue of behavior: 45kg 2008
painting on wooden box
60 x 60 x 3 inches (150 x 150 x 8 cm)

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It is impossible to interpret the context of this work. And the formal quality as well hinders the viewer from looking at it straight as the canvas is composed of uneasy and absurd colors. the phrase ‘The Virtue of Behavior: 45kg’ in the middle of the canvas is taken from a note that the artist somehow made for a while ago but can’t remember what it was about. Created from this personal experience of not remembering what he was trying to say, the artist tries to articulate that it is of no use for viewers to try to comprehend the work itself as the producer himself cannot remember the context at all. By deliberately giving up the co-optive mechanism that a general artwork holds, this work attempts to go counter to the technique, content, and authority of art. In other word, this is to preclude the series of communication-oriented behaviors; the artist’s creative practice concerning communication mechanism based on the belief that art can get through to people, or viewer’s complacent expectation that he or she could understand the essence of presented work. 

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